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Horny Sextet That Will Definitely Put You In The Mood For Sax

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

That's right! JAMs has started writing music reviews.

We've decided to experiment with your traditional review structure and we've asked our friends at Hear, Here! (an album listening club) to give us a hand. Let us know what you think! And if you're looking to have your new release reviewed, please shoot us an email.

So without further ado...the first review of many to come.

EP review: 'Leave your Mark' by 343 Brass Band

343 Brass Band's music tastes like Blueberry and Banana Jam

343 Brass Band
343 Brass Band | Photo: April Josie Photography

Give 343 Brass Band's EP Leave You Mark a listen as you read.

Review #1: Duncan

Feeling blue in lockdown without live music to go and see? Well 343 Brass Band's debut EP Leave Your Mark is the next best thing, if you want to feel like a five-piece brass band is following you round your house, that is. And who wouldn't want that? With elements of jazz, ska and blues (among others), these cats will have you grooving from the get go.

Before getting into the specifics, a shout out to the drummer and the recording/sound engineer. The drums remain consistently crisp and clear throughout every track in the EP adding a nice level of cohesion.

The EP starts off with a slow ballad-y tune as a bit of a deception, as it quickly evolves into the high energy swing that drives the remaining tracks. My pick of the EP would have to go to "Beware the Speaker". It has a groove reminiscent of Too Many Zooz and my favourite sax solo on the album to finish it off.

The final and title track nicely sums up the EP. "Leave Your Mark" sounds nostalgically like a 90s sitcom exit track and with all the players doing a small sign off to tell you goodbye and hope you've had a wonderful time.


Hear, Here! (Album Listening Club)

Review #2: Fil

343 Brass Band is what you’d expect from the name: five brass players and a drummer that’s light on the shuffle. Leave Your Mark is the debut EP from this horny sextet that will definitely put you in the mood for sax. Influenced by the street styles of New Orleans, each track is overflowing with character and sass, and if you don’t swing dance to this while listening to it on the bus then you’re an inhuman monster.

It’s mostly instrumental punch, relying on snappy call-and-response horn riffs except for one track “I Ain’t Gonna Steal Your Man” which soothingly reassures the listener that the band members will not steal men from you, promising to legally purchase their own. The talent in this line-up is enough to rival Aussie gems The Cat Empire, and I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got next.

Nevertheless, I’m giving these smooth tube blowers a blazing hot plasma grenade of approval.


Hear, Here! (Album Listening Club)

These single / EP / album reviews are brought to you by Hear, Here!, an album listening club created in 2019 where music-lovers come together each fortnight to discuss 2 x albums (think a book club but for music). If you're interested, just join the Facebook Group, say hello & go along to the next club meeting online.


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