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JAMs - Sydney's New Place for Music

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

There's a new music hub in town and it has big plans for the Sydney music scene.

Local Sydney muso and event manager, Sam Latto, has launched the website, interview-doer, podcast, playlist-maker, event host and music family...JAMs! JAMs aims to to build a thriving music scene and community in the "greatest city in the word" (@skillick).

Sydney's music and arts scene has suffered. Thanks to the lock out laws and now covid restrictions, what we have left is a big city that is missing that special spark that only the arts can give.

Although these are difficult times, what is more alarming is how many artists do not engage with our music community.

Let's paint a scene...

You have a gig coming up or just released some new music and you want to get it out there.

You think 'hmm maybe I'll post this up onto Sydney Musicians Network on Facebook. 17,000 people, surely someone will be interested...'

Nobody even reacts to your post.

Part of you feels a little disappointed and also lost...and then you think 'ah well, fuck 'em, this group is stupid anyway'

All too familiar amiright? But let me ask you this...when was the last time you took the time to react, comment or actually genuinely listen to something posted on a group like that? We've all been guilty of just scrolling on by.

The core belief of JAMs is that our music scene reflects the support, care and love we put into it. How can we expect people to engage and give us the time of day if we're not willing to do the same? JAMs calls on the Sydney music industry to help build a family together. We will slowly but surely create a wholesome and holistic music (and arts) scene that proudly and properly represents the abilities and talents of our local artists, producers, sound engineers, etc.

The best music & art is created through collaboration and through support from our own communities.

The Sydney / Australian arts scene is bursting with talented people - but sometimes we get caught up in our own journeys and stuck in our insular circles. Connecting with new people, exposure to new ideas, concepts and perspectives helps to ignite our imaginations and creativity in ways that we could never expect.

Support from fellow arts people can also go a long way. Even something as simple as knowing that somebody nearby is experiencing the same journey as you; the same anxieties and struggles that come with creating, performing and sharing music to the rest of the world. Art, as we all know, is so vulnerable and we need to band together to lift each other up and listen in a world that seems to always be running out of time.

You might be thinking 'sure this might be true but what will JAMs do to help?'.

JAMs will be a community for musicians and help foster connection in these 8 ways!


There will be interviews with 3 to 4 artists each month. JAMs will tell their stories and get an in-depth look into the artists' processes and lives.

Hopefully their stories will resonate, give insight, and make you feel that you're not alone. These will become podcasts and articles for your enjoyment and hopefully learning.


In addition to artist interviews, JAMs will release a monthly summary podcast. Each month will have its own particular theme and will have industry experts and artists as guests, along with snippets from past interviews. JAMs' podcast hopes to be a snappy, fun, educational and thought-provoking listen.


From social gatherings to songwriting workshops to discussion panels to gigs. JAMs will create spaces that will help build and strengthen the music community.


From free house gigs to shows on the big stage, JAMs' comprehensive calendar will make sure everyone knows what's going on in Sydney! The Gig Guide will be the place to go if you have a free night and want to see whether there's some bangin' music or show.


As people join the #jamsfam with different skills, talents and job descriptions, JAMs will become a centralised network. JAMs can then help connect you to the perfect visual artist, producer, bassist, animator or whatever else you're looking for.


From tips & tricks to current trends to mental health, JAMs aims to give you interesting reads that will help you upskill, learn about the industry, keep up to date with trends but also discuss the real stuff. Discussion of mental health, gender imbalances, other inequalities, financial situations and more - we want to explore the less glamourous side of the music industry.


JAMs' Jams is a carefully curated playlist of Sydney artists. Maybe you will discover your new favourite artist, new favourite song or find someone to collaborate with!

There will be other, themed playlists as well. Exploring new artists, looking back at old bangers and more!


JAMs will always be an open space to discuss how as a community we can further improve. Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

So, join JAMs on this journey of making Sydney's music scene a rich, wholesome and wonderful space!

What you can do right now to support JAMs is...


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