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Play your Nintendo 64 and kick back to Tom Vs Tom

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Single review: "N64" by Tom Vs Tom

Tom Vs Tom's music tastes like Custard Apple Jam

Listen to the track as you read the reviews below.

Review #1: Duncan

From the opening sound of the detuned synth chords you can tell this song is going to be a nostalgic lo-fi journey. Tom Vs Tom lays down some groovy but relaxed beats for you to chill out to (or study to), bringing you back to a simpler time with no responsibilities.

The song builds to a luscious chorus with synths to keep you warm from the cold outside and a soothing voice to remind you that everything will be OK. The bass lines and licks on this track are a real standout, adding an energy which really makes your ear prick up and listen. Grab a warm drink, put on "N64" and let your worries fade away...


Tom Vs Tom
Tom Vs Tom

Review #2: Sam

"N64" by Tom Vs Tom is the perfect track for that lazy day, which during lockdown is most days, let's be real... Tom Vs Tom's latest single is an anthem for that day right in the middle of the summer holidays where your parents have run out of chores for you to do (and its way too hot anyway), the fancy fan that rotates occasionally blows over you, your skin is clammy as you lie on the carpet. It's a day that no one expects anything from you. Everyone is united through sweat, ice blocks and just surviving the day, and you're "playing Nintendo 64 on the floor" with no interruptions.

Tom Vs Tom's nostalgic synth sound is very hip at the moment, combined with the retro subject matter - what a hit! I definitely see influences of artists such as Still Woozy, giving that "psychedelic bedroom-pop" energy. Not only are synth sounds and riffs expertly crafted, Tom Vs Tom's layered vocals gives you that cool edgy sound without hiding his beautiful tone.

To satisfy your need for synthy dream pop, a little bit of groove and sexy indie vocals - another killer track from Tom Vs Tom.


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