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New Music Monday: Tracks to Dance Away Winter

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Each week here at JAMs, we're going to highlight some killer new tracks coming out of the Sydney music scene. The more we engage in the local scene, the more it will thrive - whether it's discovering a new artist to collab with or a new favourite song to listen to on the way to work.

This week we bring you five new tracks that will help you dance away Winter and welcome Spring! House party to sexy slow dancing with yourself in your bedroom - whatever it is we've got you covered.

If you want to #listenlocal and keep up-to-date with new Sydney releases, follow the JAMs' Jams playlist here.

1. "Jogging on the Moon" by Lamalo ft. Amber Prothero

Sydney-based producer duo, Lamalo, have dropped their new single "Jogging on the Moon" featuring English vocalist Amber Prothero. A track that will get you bopping along to the thudding kick drums, rhythmic synth bass and Amber's ethereal vocals, "creating a kaleidoscope of celestial energy."

Lamalo enlightened us on the meaning behind the lyrics and the repetitive house beat, “the song is about losing yourself to mindless jobs and the monotony of working life. We set the song in the future because we thought it would be interesting to explore a sentiment that is so common now in a fantastical setting such as the moon.”

Ironically, or maybe not so, it's a great track to do your work to.

2. "Talk to Me" by Honey Nothings

It's no secret that I have a love for Honey Nothings. Read my review of their debut EP here. They've done it again with this masterpiece of a track. Blending all you favourite parts of the pop world with sparkly clean production and the perfect amount of heart.

Equal parts heart-breaking and celebratory; the verses let lead singer Sam Harper's vocals and emotion shine followed by an explosive chorus that you can easily lose yourself to. Stellar production choices from band members, Peter Longhurst and James Fuller, Honey Nothings is the whole package.

"Talk to Me" shows a new maturity to their previous releases, and I'm excited to continue on the musical journey of Honey Nothings.

3. 'Disco Nebula' by Warlock ft. Julia Sao

Warlock is the solo project of Sydney-based electronic music producer Christian Cuello. Warlock reimagines the music, movies and pop culture of the 1980s for modern ears. His latest release, “Disco Nebula” featuring Julia Sao on vocals, tells a tale of love transcending time and space, combining dreamy synthesisers, an infectious melody and a disco beat steeped in nostalgia.

4. "Fantasy" by Sada

This dreamy disco-funk track from sultry, soulful singer Sada is about "being captivated by the senses and getting lost in your imagination." The perfect track to listen to and let your imagination, your fantasies (*wink wink*) run wild.

Sada says it best: "Song suggestion: best enjoyed with dim-lighting and a self-vibing attitude."

5. "Play It" by Lady King

This Sydney-soulstress is back with a stunning track. "Play It" gives me visions of lazing in bed on a Sunday afternoon with the sun streaming through the window. But don't be fooled by the enchanting, smooth-as-butter(jam?) harmonies and string layers, this song has a powerful message.

Supported by a talented line up of Lara's favourite women in the Sydney music scene, Lady King bares her soul as she takes you through her tumultuous journey of dealing with slut-shaming. Absolute queen or should I say king?

A culmination of her classical upbringing as a cellist and pianist (omg same) and influences of soul, R&B, jazz and pop. She's giving me Corinne Bailey Rae in 2022 vibes and I'm obsessed.

We'll be back with the fresh taste of Sydney's music scene each week.

If you want to support the Sydney music scene, you can #listenlocal and discover new artists by following the JAMs playlist here.



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