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Shouting sweet nothings about Honey Nothings' debut EP

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

EP Review: 'Honey Nothings' by Honey Nothings

Honey Nothing's music tastes like Watermelon Jam

Listen to Honey Nothings' EP while you read the reviews.

Review #1: Duncan

Honey Nothings' self-titled album is a dive into what current indie pop/rock is and can be. With a smooth blend of synths and more traditional rock instruments, it shows that modern pop rock doesn't need to sound overproduced and soulless. With the 80's revival in full swing, this EP perfectly blends nostalgic sounds with more modern production elements. You'll hear a funky bass lick smoothly transition to some clean synth bass plucks, providing an exceptionally groovy retro sound while still feeling fresh.

The EP opens strong with "Falling" sporting a super catchy chorus hook accompanied by a sick slap bass line. It will get you bopping along in preparation for the rest of the EP. The second track "Your Love" employs one of my favourite trends in pop at the moment, the triplet feel, which really adds additional energy to the track while differentiating from its surrounding songs. "Out of My Hands" mellows the flow with a slower tempo and stripped back instrumentation. Its energy then builds to a huge climax of distorted sounds and passionate singing reflective of the emotional release expressed within the lyrics. The final track "River of Words" closes the album with multiple swirling layers of synth and guitar sounds, bringing you back into your room after a funky but emotional journey of an EP.

Overall, a very well written album. Every song contains its own story, told well through both the lyrics and music with good production to match. I'm going to give this EP a watching an old 80's VHS on your OLED TV/10.


Hear, Here! (Album Listening Club)

Honey Nothings are genuinely ones to watch. If this is what their first EP sounds like, I can't imagine what time will give us. I'll bet that they'll be Aussie household names in no time.

Review #2: Sam

Honey Nothings' music tastes like watermelon jam - it's a familiar flavour that is universally loved but feels fresh and current.

To be honest, I've been a big fan since listening to their debut single "Edinburgh", a feel-good favourite that is perfect to put on at a party or if you're looking to have a boogie in the kitchen, waiting for your pasta to boil. Until now I haven't given much thought to what makes them so good but after putting their self-titled EP on repeat, I think I've cracked it.

Watermelon jam is a simple flavour on the surface but what makes their recipe so delicious to listen to? I spent a big portion of this week trying to figure out which other bands they sound like - but couldn't quite put my finger on it. And that's just it, they feel familiar, I feel like I've heard these songs a thousand times already. They take the joy, funk and good vibes of bands like Two Door Cinema Club, OK GO, even, I dare say, the Jonas Brothers and have created the winning formula.

The hooky melodies are reminiscent of your favourite 2000s indie pop / pop rock bands but elevates it by bringing it into 2021 with funky basslines and cool synths but with a strong foundation of songwriting. Written and recorded at drummer Pete's house during the peak of the pandemic in 2020, you can feel the time and emotion put into this project. Each song tells a story, the lyrics are honest, and most importantly, the EP as a whole is clearly the product of band members that love playing together. Their joy is infectious and we get a little taste of their cheeky personalities in their music videos (Watch "Your Love" music video at the top of the page).

Co-produced by Sydney artist Jerome Blazé - it is wonderful to see local artists collaborating and creating something magical. Not only is the production top notch, but they have the stage presence and musical chops to back it up. Honey Nothings recently released some beautiful acoustic versions of their tracks that I guarantee will make you fall in love with them even more.

Each track has its own distinct personality but work together in perfect harmony, all truly representing the Honey Nothings 'sound'. The 'Honey Nothings' EP confidently presents who they are - which is wildly impressive for a band's first release.

Gun to my head, I can't tell you which of the four tracks is my favourite. The catchy pop singles "Your Love" and "Falling" will have you grooving and will be stuck in your head for weeks. "Out of my Hands" has an edgier, rock feel that gives you all the pop rock nostalgia. The build from the stripped back verses to the distorted sounds and vocals in the chorus is just so satisfying. Then there is "River of Words", that hidden gem that might not immediately grab you like the singles, but the more you listen, this track will worm its way into your heart and playlist.

The magnetic, charismatic presence of lead singer Sam Harper flows through each track, strongly supported by the musical talents of the rest of the band: guitarist/keyboardist James Fuller, bassist Alex Gray, and drummer Pete Longhurst. If you think they sound good through your headphones, I had the pleasure of watching them at their single launch earlier this year and their feel-good, warm energy is amplified on stage.

Honey Nothings are genuinely ones to watch. If this is what their first EP sounds like, I can't imagine what time will give us. I'll bet that they'll be Aussie household names in no time.


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