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Jessey Napa reignites his music journey with new single "Dixie"

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Single review of "Dixie" by Jessey Napa

Jessey Napa's music tastes like Homemade Tomato Jam

Listen to the track as you read the reviews below!

Review #1: Simon

The new single from Jessey Napa, "Dixie" is a lovely country-tinged indie tune over a hypnotic guitar part. The song's quite a long way from the synthy pop of "Stuck Together" (though you can't take the keyboards out of the boy completely). This one's got a bit of grit and a nice dynamic build - I'm looking forward to hearing more.



Review #2: Sam

Jessey Napa's new single may seem quite bare on the surface but it has a quiet strength, reigniting this artist's journey after a three year hiatus from his previous release.

"Dixie" has a stripped back instrumentation which centres around a repetitive rhythmic guitar that entrances the listener while allowing Jessey's vocals to shine. The true strength of this track is that it is relatively unembellished. The haunting emotive power of Napa's voice is what drives the song and tugs at the listener's heart.

"I had just bought my first loop pedal and I was building up this new loop using just my guitar and voice. I wanted to keep it super simple but memorable, so I limited myself to one chord progression so I could really focus on the melody and lyrics..."

Although simple, this release is a triumph in showcasing a more refined and mature sound from Napa. Jessey cites influences such as U2 and Snow Patrol, and these are clearly heard in his poignant vocal delivery and the track's alternative rock feel. The little sprinkles of country twang throughout the song are a nice seasoning that is reminiscent of King of Leon, bringing back a fusion of genres that has been pushed into the background.

"Heard a song and it sang your name. Funny how the radio works that way". These lyrics refer to the song's inspiration, an Ashley Monroe song that always reminds Jessey of a girl at a particular time in his life. The pensive tone and subject of this track really hits home, capturing that feeling you get when you're travelling through life, minding your own business...then that song comes on and just for a moment you are transported back in time.

"Dixie" is the first of four singles planned to be released this year and I am a keen bean to hear some more current brooding tunes to fill that alt rock hole in my life.

I give this single a warm tomato soup in my belly - toasty but also comfort food for heartbreak.


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