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The Zoology's album 'Plantlife' gives new life to psychedelic rock

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Album review: 'Plantlife' by The Zoology

Listen to the album as you read the review below.

"...this album is a time machine made in modern times."

The Sydney-based blues rock band The Zoology have made a thunderous, feel good statement with their third studio album 'Plantlife'. Will Linden & John Huie are the brains behind The Zoology, and their ability to create in a such flow state together is what really stuck out when listening through this album. 14 records of psychedelic blues rock and roll with kick ass production, this album is a time machine made in modern times.

Opening track “Tumbleweed” instantly transports you to the desert, driving in a 1970’s Cadillac Eldorado. With its lively drums, slick guitar riffs and howling vibrato vocal sound, the record is a great entrée to the next track, “Evergreen”.

Everything settles with a calm scene of birds chirping and yet from a distance a beam of guitar sound is making its way towards you. All of sudden you’re hit with a blast of energy, “drink in the sun it’s good for the bones, gotta watch your back when the wind howls low”, a lyrical gem to remember to always keep it moving.

The Zoology's new album 'Plantlife' album art
'Plantlife' album art by @zaraliddentattoo

Overall, the album flows together in a story that is open to the interpretation of the listener. A powerful, reverberating project, that is no doubt going the rumble and shake those that come across it. 'Plantlife' is a strong album but from the sounds of it, The Zoology are just getting started. We are very keen to see what more they have in store.


Tom Vs Tom (artist)

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