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New Music Mondays: 19 September

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

We've skipped a week, but we're back with plenty of fresh new local tunes. As always, big fan of all the new releases. Unbelievable music coming out of Sydney!

If you want to keep fresh tunes rolling through your speakers and earbuds, follow the JAMs playlist. Updated weekly with new releases from Sydney so you can easily #listenlocal.

1. "Optimist" by Euterpe

Euterpe has WOWED me with their first single "Optimist" from their upcoming EP, to be released early 2023. What started out as a bare bones acoustic track has transformed into a neurotic powerhouse of a rock song and I am here for it. Wonderfully vintage, retro and cool - just look at their promo shot! I can't believe it has taken me so long to discover them, definitely a new favourite and ones to watch (and hear).

"Optimist is an eccentric creature, modelled with chaotic guitar tones, bodily-charged bass sounds and mechanical rhythms. The thing - or being - described is a dear friend of ours, and it wants to get to know you too, so come on in … real close … and indulge in our anxiety ridden lyrics and sounds."

2. "Diary Entry" by Safety First

Safety First has emerged onto the indie music scene with the perfect balance of relatability and unattainable coolness, quirk and envy-inducing A E S T H E T I C. "Diary Entry" is a fantastic introduction to their infectious and vivacious character; shining the spotlight on singer/songwriter, Lexi Green's, unique lyrical whimsy. I think my new favourite lyric this year is "yesterday was a good day because you said you liked a friend".

"Depending on your mood, Diary Entry could be a literal diary entry, a song about diary entries or even a diary entry about diary entries."

JAMs fact: You'll be hearing more from bassist, Lauren White, very soon in the JAMs Women in Music in Sydney podcast series coming at the end of this year.

3. "Delusional" by Melita

Melita new track "Delusional" takes all the good nostalgic elements of Yacht Rock and sprinkles it with vocal runs that takes me right back to 90s/2000s R&B.

What is Yacht Rock you ask? I'll let Wikipedia answer that for you, " style and aesthetic commonly associated with soft rock, one of the most commercially successful genres from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. Drawing on sources such as smooth soul, smooth jazz, R&B, and disco, common stylistic traits include high-quality production, clean vocals, and a focus on light, catchy melodies."

Inspired by R&B queens Raveena and Moonchild, and the resurgence of the 70s aesthetic by Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars' project, Silk Sonic; Melita shows her chops with smooth vocals and pensive lyrics. And can I just say I'm obsessed with her 60s-vibe ponytail.

“Delusional” explores the power of the imagination and its ability to distort reality, putting our own perceptions into question.

4. "night we had" by AEDAN

"night we had" by rapper, singer and producer AEDAN has a fresh, relevant sound - sooo 2022. Reminiscent of the high energy, highly produced and heartfelt releases from artists such as Arizona Zervas; AEDAN puts his own spin on this sound, opting to build his tracks around the twangy tones of acoustic guitar (played by producer, Joshwa).

This new release, "fuelled by romantic failure", describes the "pain of a toxic relationship" but in a way you can put it on after breaking up with your partner, get drunk with your friends and sing "last night you said you hate me / I don't need none of that" at the top of yours lungs.

5. "BAD" by Lolli

Producer: Jack Megraw

Lolli is back with new R&B/pop single "BAD". Her new track showcases her range going from smooth vocals to rap. Lolli's music journey started with learning piano at the age of seven which sparked her love of songwriting. After a nerve injury in her hand, she began to focus on her voice and started rapping at fifteen. Her career launched when GZA from Wu Tang Clan recognised her work and had her song "Alphabet" feature on their Australian Mix-Tape (omg).

"BAD" give insight into Lolli's experience of the slander and conflict associated with becoming a rising star,

"Ultimately, "BAD" tells listeners that regardless of what people have to say about you, and how they try to weigh you down, always keep your head held high."

6. "D.I.Y" by Tangent

"D.I.Y" is the first single from Tangent's latest EP 'Node' (out 23 September). It introduces a new edgy, hard-hitting tone, featuring a distorted guitar riff, departing from the synth-based, trap accompaniment from his previous releases.

"The track is about me embracing the fact that with my music I do everything myself and that the respect that comes with that will pay off due to my hard work."

We'll be back with the fresh taste of Sydney's music scene each week.

If you want to support the Sydney music scene, you can #listenlocal and discover new artists by following the JAMs playlist here.


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