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New Music Monday: 6 September

We're back again this week with another New Music Monday. The Sydney music scene never ceases to impress me. It's been a month of New Music Mondays and I thought, surely they'll be a week where the tracks aren't as good? But I present to you again, six fresh, top-notch tunes.

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1. "Get Around To It" by Ruby Jackson

Co-producer: Sonny Grin

Ruby Jackson draws inspiration from the likes of Anderson .Paak and No Name to create this R&B anthem that has a flavour of its own. "Get Around To It" is a smooth and sexy track that playfully describes the temptation and desire to steer away (or escape) from daily routine. Definitely the most relatable track for me this year.

"I find that I lean into time out and space for myself a lot, and I wanted to hone in on that idea with a bold message that people could resonate with and jam to."

2. "Firecracker" by Packing Dhaka

""Firecracker" is about seeing the beauty and potential in Chaotic Energy, but not getting engulfed by it and loosing one’s self. It’s a Love letter to classic rock ballads of Yesteryears with a modern voice."

"Firecracker" is an impressive debut release from indie rock group Packing Dhaka. Gentle and considered, they effortlessly weave funk grooves and psych rock with soaring angelic vocals. "Five lads from Sydney" with a lot of heart. I can already picture them playing to a crowd with their lighters and phones swaying in the air to this beautiful soft rock ballad.

3. "Leave Me Here" by The Happiest Kind of Sad

Happiest Kind of Sad is all in the name. Mitchell never disappoints with stunning releases that pull at your heart. He brings you on a journey of heartbreak but somehow you feel better for it. This latest release, "Leave Me Here", is a raw and honest track about the insecurities and doubts that come with falling in love with someone. The lush harmonies and gorgeous vocal tone will have you lost in the world of Happiest Kind of Sad.

4. "Rid of You" by Lucid Hoops

Producer: Jack Donehue

"Rid of You" packs a punch! Full of power and aggression they describe their style best, "hard hitting songs with heart + energy". Inspired by Riot Grrrl, with choppy riffs, roaring vocals and drums that hit you right in the face. Feelings of paranoia, anxiety and finality are thrown into this track that washes over you throughout this listening experience. Full of emotion and character, Lucid Hoops are ones to watch.

"the song perfectly captures the feeling of dread caused by a toxic person trying to slink back into your life like the parasite they are, poised to sink their teeth back into you."

5. "Pyrmont" by Pxllow

16 year old electronic artist Pxllow shared with me his favourite release to date. Heavily influenced by 90s house, "Pyrmont" will have you dancing in no time. The repetitive riff is carefully coloured by clever choices of 'sparkle' throughout the track. I can't help but imagine myself at an early 2000s party thrown by a fashion designer with glaring florescent lighting, champagne and little dresses on racks all around.

Perfect for accessing your inner Y2K fashion icon.

6. "Let Me Go" by Loose Leaf Ent. & Joey Dayz feat. Flair

"Let Me Go" is the debut release from producer, Loose Leaf Ent., Joey Dayz and Flair. Some true Aussie chill hip hop. Joey Dayz's rapping is supported by the hypnotising tone of Flair's hooky vocal line and the groovy keys line.

Perfect for listening to with your mates and a couple of beers on a Saturday arvo.

We'll be back with the fresh taste of Sydney's music scene each week.

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