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New Music Mondays: 3 October

New Music Monday on a Tuesday! We're back with some more fresh Sydney music...

If you want to keep fresh tunes rolling through your speakers and earbuds, follow the JAMs playlist. Updated weekly with new releases from Sydney so you can easily #listenlocal.

1. "Except Love" by Frankie Bouchier

"Except Love" is Frankie's second release, and man does not disappoint. Hauntingly beautiful, the pulsing rhythm is entrancing and the bassy tones of Frankie's vocals are addictive. I love when you can hear the unique flavours of music that make up a person - the retro sound of the vocals, the psychedelic synths, the very 80s saxophone excerpt, the dramaticism of his theatre/opera background, the rhythmic drone and sounds influenced by Balkan brass music and the beautiful riff influenced by his love of traditional Romani music.

Still uniquely and absolutely Frankie, "Except Love" shows another side to his debut release; deeper, stunning and heart-wrenching. The lyrics are simple but hit you right in the heart,

"With you here / I have nothing to fear except love."

And of course I have to give a special mention to the trumpet solo at the end, just beautiful😘.

If you want to hear about Frankie Bouchier, listen to Ep 3 of the JAMs podcast.

2. "Feel My Heart Sleeps" by Bloodyarvo

"Feel My Heart Sleeps" is a cry for help, being stuck in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour as a way to escape.

Don't be fooled by the groove - Bloodyarvo's debut single goes much deeper. The product of the feeling of isolation and depression felt by Ari (front man) felt during the 2020 lockdown; I'm sure something we can all relate to.

Hours spent in the shower coming up with song ideas, Ariq escaped reality with the creation of this quiet banger. One of those songs that just flows out, the song was written and recorded in just a couple of hours!

"Feel My Heart Sleeps" shows how important delving further into the artist and the song is, you could easily just take it at surface level and bop along but now I know the journey of this tune, it means something else entirely.

3. "HER" by Jessica Lollato

Co-writers: Jessica Lollato & Derik Madrid

Producer/Mix/Master: Declan Dias

Influenced by the sounds of the classics, Brandy, Ashanti and Destiny's Child, Jessica Lollato brings nostalgic flavours of 2000s R&B with her debut single "HER".

This track explores the feeling of grappling with a relationship that has an impending expire date,

“the feeling of knowing the person you care about is slowly drifting from you”

and "that unrequited love that you just have to accept even though it clouds your every thought”.

4. "Violet Eyes" by Kaitlin Lawler

"Violet Eyes" is another debut single and another lockdown single! It is about how our world was turned upside down and trying to make the most of it. It captures the essence of looking at life through rose-coloured glasses.

"Violet Eyes is giving you the permission to go out and set yourself free".

We'll be back with the fresh taste of Sydney's music scene each week.

If you want to support the Sydney music scene, you can #listenlocal and discover new artists by following the JAMs playlist here.


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